You’ve gone through the BIMI Implementation Guide and everything looks good on the BIMI Inspector, and now you want to see BIMI in action.

Where should you expect your logo to appear?

Each participating mailbox provider determines where BIMI logos show up in their applications, and they can choose not to display your logo if they think your reputation is questionable or you brand doesn’t meet their requirements for participation.

Assuming that your configuration is correct and your reputation qualifies, here are examples of places the logo could be displayed. Keep in mind that each providers desktop and mobile displays will be different.

Location Mailbox Provider (MBP) Desktop MBP’s Mobile App
An Open Email Message (by the From Name) Gmail
Inbox List (by the Subject Line) Gmail

Here’s what that might look like for Google web and Mobile clients:

Here’s what that might look like for Yahoo web and Mobile clients:

Other mailbox providers or email clients, not shown, may have different display criteria or options. This is intended to be informational and is provided as an example of what you and your subscribers could be shown.