As of August 29, 2022, will begin to display Iogos identified within a BIMI record.  They will display BIMI logos accompanied by a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) issued by either DigiCert or Entrust, as well as those without one (a.k.a. a “self-asserted” BIMI record).

When a BIMI record is self-asserted, the domain owner must contact La Poste so that the domain(s) can be evaluated for approval. Once the domain(s) have been approved by the La Poste team, the logo of the sending organization will be displayed instead of the default logo by their messaging system.

Currently La Poste is displaying BIMI logos in the list view and message view (example images below) of their webmail client, mobile client updates are expected in the future.

It’s important to keep in mind that as La Poste rolls out its support for BIMI, it also means that its users will continue to see some email with and and some email without associated logos. As BIMI is more adopted, users will increasingly see more logos associated with the email they receive.

The Auth-Indicators Working Group would like to congratulate the team at La Poste for successfully implementing and supporting BIMI in their platform.

More information:

La Poste List View
La Poste Message View