The BIMI group is frequently asked why a logo isn’t showing at certain mailbox providers, even when a brand has implemented DMARC at enforcement and has published the proper BIMI DNS record. What we’ve identified is that it is commonly thought that BIMI is widely deployed; however as you can see we are just getting started.

In order to make it easier for people to see where their logo files could show using BIMI, we have put together this infographic.

BIMI Adoption graphic

The graphic contains some mailbox providers that are already displaying logos. It is important to note that these are separate, proprietary systems that do not rely on BIMI. Our intention is that one day BIMI will become the leading standard for logo display in a mailbox provider’s user interface, thus removing requirements or dependencies on manual or outdated solutions.

This infographic will be updated as more mailbox providers confirm that they are implementing BIMI.

Are you a mailbox provider supporting BIMI that would like to be added to this infographic? Please use our contact form and let us know.